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Resource Energy feels a special responsibility to develop a corporate culture in line with its objectives to be a leader in the evolving bio-fuel industry:

Local Participation

Resource Energy seeks to have meaningful participation from local partners in its assets. The incorporation of local interests underscores the notion that Resource Energy desires to act as a citizen in each market in which it operates.

In addition to involving local investors, Resource Energy is committed to agricultural organization which involves local growers as owners and producers of their own land. The transfer of information to make local farmers more efficient producers is good policy and good business.


Resource Energy is committed to limit the environmental impact of its production and related infrastructure. Resource Energy will not involve itself in projects or production which involves deforestation.

Best Practices

As a company with an international footprint, Resource Energy will draw and use the best talent and information in the industry. This involves applying resources and knowledge from one market to another.

Human Resources

Resource Energy is staffed with a small central core of specialists responsible for looking at the broader themes of the market and establishing the corporate direction and approach. The development emphasis is local, with individuals selected who are familiar with the particulars of the market in which they work. Finally, operational expertise and agricultural assessment are provided through a framework agreement with Booker Tate. The agreement is at arms length and aims to conform incentives in productive and profitable operations of the involved assets.

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