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From its inception, Resource Energy has weighed business approaches based on the long term economics and “green” impact of various strategies without preconceived notion of the correct answer. The chosen focus on ethanol produced from sugar cane is a result of this selection process.

Resource Energy believes that sugar cane based ethanol is the most efficient and environmentally benign form of fuel production in the market today. Sugar cane based ethanol may be used either as a substitute for petroleum or as an additive to gasoline which permits for greater fuel efficiency. This means that sugar cane ethanol has an independent value that is not a simple function of the oil market. Sugar production and other “bio-refinery” by-products also help shield cane based ethanol production from some of the volatility likely to occur as global bio-fuel markets mature. Finally, related sources of income from bio-mass (bagasse) generation and carbon credits available in cane based ethanol developments constitutes a further source of revenue and positive environmental impact.

Looking forward, Resource Energy believes that the next generation of bio-fuel development, such a cellulosic or butanol, will build upon the natural productivity advantage of sugar cane production.